We are excited you have chosen to participate in the JCN5K Fundraiser and raise money for Jewish Caring Network! We’d like to show you just how simple it can be to raise money. 
Do you want help reaching and/or exceeding your fundraising goal? Great! Here are some helpful tips.

The Golden Rule of Fundraising: ASK and TELL.

Every person you know has women and men in their lives whom they love. Therefore, more often than not, simply asking them to donate to fundraising drive is all it takes. It’s also important to share why this cause matters to you and why you are making the effort to fundraise. “Ask and tell” as many people as possible, and watch your impact soar.

Start Simple 

  • Donate to yourself. It all begins with you!
  • Ask immediate and extended family members
  • Ask Friends
  • Ask your Carpool
  • Ask your Neighbors
  • Ask Co-Workers
  • Ask your Boss for a Company Contribution

Branch Out for More Opportunities

  • Ask Local Businesses you Frequent
  • Ask Members of an Organization you Belong to
  • Ask Members of your Shul
  • Ask your Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.

Market your Campaign to a Wider Audience

  • Use Social Media — harness the power of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more! Wherever you are on social media, use your pages to network to ask for donations from friends, family and colleagues. Share the link to your JCN5K personal fundraising frequently with all your networks and watch the donations pour in!
  • Send to Group Chats (Text, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Send an Email. Share what you are doing and ask it to be forwarded in support of a great cause - include your personal fundraising page link so they can donate immediately.
You can reach and/or exceed your fundraising goal by bringing in large donations from a few people or by bringing in smaller donation from a lot of people. Using the options above, you can decide which work best for you and tailor them to your needs.

Other Effective Tips

  • Set a goal and share it. We suggest that you start with at least $250 and that you make the first gift to yourself to demonstrate your commitment.
  • Utilize your online fundraising center. Look for the Edit Fundraiser link on your profile. 
  • Open your address book. Leave no stone unturned when reaching out to friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and so forth. Ask people you interact with every day, every now and then, and even those people you see just once or twice a year.
  • Utilize employer matching gifts to double or triple your donations.
  • Team up. Work as a team of registered participants to fundraise as a group.
  • Engage people in groups. Take advantage of neighborhood gatherings, office lunches, PTA meetings, etc. to ask for—and receive—multiple donations at one time. Moreover, people are more likely to make a donation when they see someone else doing it!
  • Host a fundraising experience. Fundraising events don’t need to be extensive and involved. A bake sale, game night with family and friends, etc.
  • Put out the jar. Make it easy for people to “contribute a few bucks” when it’s most convenient. Put collection jars in the lunchroom, at your office’s reception desk or on your kitchen table. Ask businesses you frequent often if they’d display a jar for you, too.

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